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Harvest Records hosts Transfigurations II Festival and our MD Grant Bisher is all-about-it

From Thursday, August 28th through Saturday, August 30th, Harvest Records in Asheville N.C. will host a pretty-freakin’ phenomenal music festival called “Transfigurations II” to celebrate their tenth anniversary. What’s so “pretty-freakin’ phenomenal” about it? Let’s like our resident music director Grant Bisher fill us in…
"What’s the deal with music scenes these days?  Does anyone know what “indie” is?  How is it that there are massive bodies of musicians and artists that are somehow associated, but really have nothing to do with each other sonically?  I’m not sure, but I freaking love it.  Best of all, it leads to the formation of extremely exciting events with absolutely wacky, diverse programming that one can’t find one bad word to say about.  The latest installation in this history of musically varied festival-concerts in coming up in a few weeks in the western chunk of this lovely state.  Transfigurations II, an exciting series of concerts taking place in Asheville and Marshall, NC, is set to begin on Thursday the 28th.  Transfigurations II is an extremely special event; it commemorates the 10 years of existence of Harvest Records, an awesome record shop in Asheville.  The organizers no doubt put an appropriate amount of care into this festival to properly celebrate this pretty stellar achievement and it shows in the incredible line up.  From the rhythmic noise-techno of Providence’s golden boy Container to the gentle and fierce melodies of burgeoning folk superstar Angel Olsen.  Transfigurations is really programmed with something for everyone, but rather everything for everyone. 
Although I’m sure I’ll be faced with some very tough decisions when decided which shows to see and which shows to sit out, there is one artist I could not possible deny.  Michael Hurley is something of a living legend (does he really live in the basement of Mississippi Records?).  Starting with a STUNNING record with Folkways back in 1964, Hurley has been ceaselessly releasing highly idiosyncratic folk records with matching playful, hand-drawn covers.  Common themes among his homey, meandering tunes include wine, whiskey, biscuits, and werewolves.  A doofus will criticize his voice and guitar playing as imperfect, but you just ~have to~ yell at them.  When this veteran sits before you in Asheville at the end of this month, don’t listen for virtuosic plucking or stunning vocalizations; close your eyes and explore the history of an extremely special American artist who wrote some lovely tunes.  
Check out the line up at http://harvest-records.com/transfigurations/ and see who your Can’t-Miss Artist is.”